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 Dog Groooming Price List








   Bath & Tidy up

  • Pre Wash Brush - this helps loosen and release stubborn dirt

  • Ear Cleaning & Plucking - gently cleaned and excess hair removed

  • Nails Trimmed - to protect against tearing and pad damage

  • Warm, Freshwater Shampoo and Rinse - We use gentle shampoo to protect your dogs coat and keep them clean and healthy.

  • Towel & Blow Dry - to remove water from your dog's body

  • Secondary Brush - to remove any excess hair still remaining and to make them look good

  • Shave - Around tummy & anal area

  • Trim - around eyes, mouth, ears & tail

  • Tidy up feet & shave paws - Excess hair from feet removed

  • After Bath Cologne - we all like to smell as good as we feel after a nice bath


   Bath & Clipping


  • All of the above - Pre wash brush, ear cleaning & plucking, shampoo, rinse, drying, secondary brush, nail trim, tidy up feet & shave paws 

  • Full cut & trim all over the body

  • Style clips included



   Other Services  


    Flea treatment- $5 for small & medium size dogs; $10 for large and X-Large    

    Medicated Shampoo- $5 for small & medium size dogs; $10 for large and X-Large   

    Remove knot, matted and dead hair- $10 to $35 depending on time taken        

    Nail Clipping- $15 for small & medium size dogs; $20 for large and $25 for X-Large 



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