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Self Serve Dogwash starting at $10 ($10 under 10kg, $15 under 20Kg, $20 over 20kg)

Hydrosurge® Bathpro™ 5.1

The HydroSurge bathing system is designed to make the bathing process quicker and easier than ever before. It uses patented InjectAir™ Technology that combines fresh shampoo, water and pure air. The system automatically draws the shampoo into the water for constant sudsing action. A unique combing action spray easily penetrates the animal’s coat, breaking up oils, dirt, dead skin, dander and loose hair. Making bath time a breeze 


Features & Options

  • Penetrating combing action eliminates the need for hand scrubbing

  • Animals enjoy the hydro-therapeutic massage action

  • Our easy rinse shampoos work better

  • Automatically draws the right amount of shampoo so there's no mixing or measuring

  • Pure air stimulates skin with oxygen

  • Convenient and saf


Self Serve Service inludes

  • Shampoo(Choose from 3 varieties including gentel shampoo for sensitive skin), Conditioner, Towel & Blow dryer to dry your dog

  • Save your back by using our height adjustable hydrobaths





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